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Elevate Your Artistry:  Join Opera Virtuoso Maria Drost's Group Master Class

Discover the transformative power of music and performance through an exclusive opportunity to learn from the maestro herself, Opera virtuoso Maria Drost. In this captivating group master class, participants will be guided through a journey of vocal technique, emotional interpretation, and stage presence by a true luminary of the opera world. Maria Drost's master class is a unique blend of technical precision and artistic insight, tailored to suit participants of all skill levels – from aspiring vocalists to seasoned performers. 

One of the Vocal Teachers Near Me Maria Drost has a young male student performing with two bandmates at the Confident Sing festival

Unlock Your Vocal Brilliance: Private Lessons with Maria

Embark on a transformative journey of vocal discovery with personalized private lessons guided by opera luminary Maria Drost. Through one-on-one sessions tailored to your unique voice and aspirations, Maria will delve into the intricacies of technique, emotion, and storytelling. With her expertise, you'll expand your vocal range, refine your expression, and unleash your untapped potential, 

Please Note: Maria is currently offering remote private coaching as well as in person coaching at her personal studio in Brooks during the 2023 fall term

Our Student Testimonials

Seth Lowensteen

Student 2022-Present

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Amy Wells

Master Class Invitee

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Eric Wells

Student: 2021

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